Who needs massage therapy?

Professional massage therapy is suitable for babies, as well as those over 18 years old-the elderly.

If the baby is caused by indigestion, breast milk, or abnormal stool, after the doctor's diagnosis, professional massage can provide the baby with gentle touch massage therapy

Headache, insomnia, stress and negative sub-health people

Cervical spine pain, cervical spondylosis

Back pain

Shoulder pain ,Lumbar disease,slipped discs,Lumbar muscle strain, sciatica ...

Tennis elbow, adhesive capsulitis ,Wrist pain

Leg pain, knee pain, knee arthritis,

Feet pain, ankle pain,Heel pain...

Fatigue, muscle aches

Stomach pain and bloating caused by indigestion,

have diarrhea

Obese people who want to lose weight physically, (obese people who want to lose weight healthy)

People who need to recover after body cosmetic surgery

Patients who need to recover after medical surgery

The patient needs to ask the doctor first

People with tight menstrual periods and dysmenorrhea

Menopausal women ,Pregnant woman